Saturday 25 March – Kup grading – Rosetta Belfast

Saturday 01 April – 69th UTA Dan Grading – Gajok Taekwondo Academy, Burscough, England

Kup grading info:

Along with all basic kicks, stances and hand techniques you need to know the following:
White belts (10th Kup) – basic pattern 1 & 2
Yellow tags (9th Kup) – above and Taeguk Iljang (1) and 3-step number 1 to 4
Yellow belts (8th Kup) – all of above along with Taeguk 2 and 3-step numbers 1-8
Green tags (7th Kup) – all of above along with Taeguk 3 and a-step numbers 1-12
Blue tags (6th Kup) and above all of the above along with your own 1-step

There is also your stepping, destruction, non contact sparring and contact sparring to be examined.

If you have been training consistently then you will be considered for the grading however there are a few rules that apply:

If you graded 3 months ago and scored an L pass then you are not eligible for this grading

If you haven’t managed to learn all new techniques for your new grade then you will not be registered for the grading.

As you climb the grades stances become more important, foot positioning on kicks and volume of movement with a good reaction arm

You must know your Poomsae!